Pastor Maria Gardner-Thomas
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Welcome To B.M. Oakley Memorial

Welcome to 7th and Oxford! We are a one Stop Transformation Staion that will PROVIDE:

Spiritual Shelter
Spiritual Food
Spiritual Clothing

BM Oakley Memorial Temple provides an innovative cutting-edge Walk With The Lord. We also offer Installation and Repair Services for Individuals who may be torn down free of charge.

For more detailed and personal information, please feel free to contact The Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! At any time during the day or night, he can be reached at www.On-Your-Knees.com! After we have served you, please send us a note to let us know how your "House" is holding up at bmo_cogic@yahoo.com.  

What You Will Obtain At This Site

What you shall learn from this site will be a great enlightenment through your eyes! Your spirit shall retain the word of God. The leader, which is Pastor Maria Gardner -Thomas, endows the members of BM Oakley Memorial Temple with the word of God. No one leaves there without an invitation to Chirst and rededicating themselves back the The Lord. This site will give you a brief summary of the ministry. However, nothing is compared to being there in the natural. Websites are great and it is amazing to see how equipped the world has become to touch the lives of the world. Come and see for yourself the healing power that is dripping off of the ceilings of BM Oakley Memorial Temple!  
Clean Hands and A Pure Heart

This kind of teaching  is taught at BM Oakley Memorial Temple. How can you minister effectively, if you are unclean yourself? Ministering to God's people should not be taken lightly. Not only is it an honor, but it is also a privelage. Ministry is an act out of selflessness. You are giving of yourself to heal another. However, if you are not living a God-fearing life, why would you want to taint your fellow brother and sister in Christ? Why would you literally wipe your hands on them as if they were a hand cloth? That is exactly what happens when unclean saints minister. Think about it. Better yet, go to the Bible and rediscover who YOU really are. School is always in session and we cannot learn enough of  Christ.

Kindgom Building At B.M. Oakley

Perfecting The Kingdom of God is what the end result "Should" be. UNITY, thus sayeth God! We at BM Oakley promote unity in the spirit, so we can be effective in our walk with The Lord. We are all apart of the same body. Therefore, the leg has to get along with the feet to walk where God has intended us to go! No matter what ministry you are apart of, please SHARE THE SPIRIT!  Share the spirit of love, joy, peace and meekness! Introduce the Fruits of the Spirit to someone else so they can experience the true love of Christ! God Bless you and know that you have a FRIEND at BM Oakley Memorial Temple.

Paying What You Owe To God

Yes, here we are talking about thithes again! You will continue to hear this UNITL the body of Christ gives back to the BLESSOR instead of keeping all of the BLESSINGS! Although Malachi is the shortest Book of The Bible, we're not understanding the text.We are also taught how to GIVE back to God. That is the beginning of all your blessings. We ask that you would come and dare to be taught the right way of Godly giving!

Thank You! Now Enjoy The Site!

Thank you ever so kindly for taking the time to log onto this site. We are Godly proud of the things that are being manifested here at BM Oakley. The Lord is surely reinging here and we shall not forget his benefits! We ask that you would stop pass The Temple and see that it is really apparent that The Lord is in this place!

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